Codewheel Sam Margalit

I run down-to-earth workshops for designers, developers and people interested in how this sentence actually got here.

I’m currently working on an Introduction to Web Development course that covers the basics of working with the command line, version control, git, markdown, HTML, CSS and CMS templating.

The course will be open sourced and freely available over on the Codewheel GitHub account but to get the most out of it you should attend one of the courses I’ll be holding in the later half of 2017 in Melbourne, Australia.

If you’d like to be notified of when the courses will be held fill please please get in touch.

19–21 Johnston St
Collingwood, VIC
Australia 3066

I tweet the occasional bad joke on Twitter. I’m best reached by email at

The source code for this website is annotated and freely available over on the Codewheel GitHub.